Functional library

Now you can sort books by date, title or author. Add the books you liked to 'Favorites'. Use 'Search' to find a book of your interest in the 'Library', which can be displayed either as a list, or as tiles design. Use ReadRate to tell your friends about the book you are currently reading.    

Unique user-friendly interface

Advanced settings of PocketBook Reader allow you to choose one of the preset background colors and set any font color of your choice.

Integrated service

ReadRate is a service for those who read. It will help you to find interesting books quickly, share them with friends and conduct your own reading history keeping the information about the books you have read.  

Use Facebook account to enter ReadRate. See which books your friends read and evaluate. Let them know which ones you enjoyed the most.  

Bookmark the best moments

Save your favorite quotes quick and easy with PocketBook Reader. Highlight, save, add comments and share your notes with friends through social networks.

Notes easy access and management

Manage your notes: change the background color, add your own comments and sort the notes according to date or page number. 

Joyful reading in any light conditions

PocketBook Reader allows you to choose one of four convinient color themes. Pick a color theme of your choice and enjoy the read.